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Al Perry Comix was my answer to the popularity of Harvey Pekar's "American Splendor" several years back.

My intention was to create a very local comic strip about a local character, and to have it run regularly in a local paper. Al was the only person I had in mind to do this project. Luckily he agreed! It consists of 24 pages of 4-panel comic strips, all based on a series of 3 interviews I had with Al at his bungalow in Tucson, where I also got to observe the nuances of how he lives.

Originally published in 2005 in an extremely limited edition (about 100 photocopied issues, and mainly sent to Al's friends and groupies),Al Perry Comix is now available for all of Mankind, thanks to several requests from people on Facebook.

Says Al: "I feel immortalized". Enjoy!

Howard Salmon
June 2009

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